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In 2013, Joëlle Savransky made breakthrough in the jewellery world by presenting her eponym brand called ‘‘Joelle Jewellery’’, a mix of fashion design and diamond tradition.

It is not a coincidence if Joelle has chosen diamond. As a child already, she used to observe these ”stones’’ or rough diamonds with her father and it fascinated her. As heiress of an ancestral family passion and fourth generation of diamond dealers, she was predestined to this way of expressing her creativity. 


Joelle started her carrier as a fashion designer, after having graduated at Royal Academy Antwerp.

After an experience of several years in the fashion industry, she decided to mix her fashionista talent and her family inheritance. With a heritage and a passion for creation, she chose to dedicate herself to diamonds in her studio based in Antwerp, her native city.

Alchem begins...
Her inspirations are blooming into jewels. 


Inventive and full of inspiration, Joelle Savransky imagines a new way of creating jewellery which express her personality and her style.
Standing out of the traditional universe of diamond, she offers a unique and trendy vision. Her inspiration can be observed in every piece of her collections.

She focuses on movements and emotions to make up her creative universe. Her original works are marked with minimalism and delicacy. Her models are becoming glittering sculptures. 

The brand’s sharp design mixes Pop Rock and Punk Chic influences with true femininity. Every piece is a sophisticated creation of poetry and refinement.

The collections are available in 25 countries around the world.
They also appear on a regular basis in the press such as the Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel or Le Monde... and are attracting international stars like Madonna, Katy Perry or Carrie Underwood... 


Her manufacturing process is respectful of noble materials as gold, silver and diamond. The result’s rare delicacy turns out to precision work.
Joelle’s creations are entirely handcrafted for the greatest results. 

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